Saved by the Alpha Bear

After the great success of Adored by the Alpha Bear, I couldn’t wait to get this bad boy out there! I hope you enjoy Tom’s Story, Saved by the Alpha Bear!

Guided by her pack leader’s blind hatred and deceitful ways, Savannah is under the impression that Tom and Nick Brewer are unfit for being shifters. She’s forced into befriending the bears, gaining their trust and using it against them. Afraid of what her pack leader Lucas would do if she refused, she accepts the task and does her best to win the alpha bear brothers over. However, she’s surprised to find that the brothers aren’t the killers that Lucas had made them out to be. 

Tom’s always been cautious, especially when his friends and family’s lives are put on the line. That’s why when Savannah applied to work at the Brewer Mechanics, he was immediately on guard. She was attractive, he could admit that, but he couldn’t understand why a shifter was applying to work at his shop. There could be no way this was a coincident. It didn’t help that not only was she was practically handed the job by Jo – Nick’s human mate – but Jo was also trying to push the two of them together… 

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Listen to what Emilia’s Fans have to say!

“Ooooooo I really loved these books. Ms. Emilia has really brought her characters together. Definitely a good read.
     Savannah is a Bear Shifter who is forced by Alpha Lucas to go into town stay in his house so she could befriend the Brewer Brothers and their human. Not wanting to go yet not wanting to make her Alpha mad Savannah went besides she was angry at them for killing Dan who was part of her pack. Everything went smoother than Savannah thought would happen plus she like the human Jo. The things her Alpha said about the brothers and their human did seem true.
     Tom and Nick Brewer are both Alpha Bear Shifters who own the Brewer Mechanic Garage. Tom was a little jealous of Nick because he found his mate Jo. He like her, so he knew everything would be good, then Jo want to hire a person to run the books, Tom wasn’t a trusting person so he’s not sure what to think of the person applying for the job happens to be a bear shifter, which is convenient yep he did not trust her. What was worse he was attacked to her, now what?” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Ingrid Stephanie Jordan

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