Mated to the Dragon

Number #1 Rule: Don’t get involved with a dragon.

Dakota was finally going to be studying Art History abroad at Bangor University in Wales. It was a dream come true, everything was going to be perfect. Or so she had hoped. She knew about the dragons of Snowdonia, how couldn’t she? The whole world knew dragons existed ever since The Occurrence. It’s been years since then, but the one golden rule of the university was never get involved with a dragon or face immediate expulsion. She knew the consequences, and yet.. here one was, standing in front of her in all it’s glory and looking hotter than ever. This was going to be tough.

Wesley was a bit of a show off. To be fair, he was flying home when he heard the girl gasp. His beast took control and flew straight toward the pretty little vixen. There was something different about this woman, he couldn’t quite figure it out. And when she rejects him, his attraction only grows. One way or another, he will have her.

Let Wesley Take Control!

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“My goodness what an imagination that Emilia has it’s absolutely phenomenal.I like her writing style it is very good. Definitely you should read this book.
     Dakota Brennan is a human, she’s going to Bangor University with a Art History program grant to study Welsh art and architecture abroad. But she’s told right away that she can’t go into Snowdonia which is Dragon country and if she does they will send her home immediately. Dakota has work too hard, all her money that she had saved from working, borrowed money for college she had would stay away from dragon. What do you do when a dragon won’t stay away from her?
     Wesley Taniff is a Red Dragon who has worked hard to rebuild an old, crumbling down castle, than one day he see’s this woman sitting, drawing something. He was dancing all around, jumping up and down, can you imagine seeing a red dragon jump up and down, swishing. He’s not crazy he found his mates!!” –  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   Ingrid Stephanie Jordan