Mated to the Mountain Wolf

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Weeks after the war between the Mountain and Valley clans ended, resulting in Kal’s capture, things were finally starting to get back to normal for Amara. Well, as normal as they could be in preparation to marry a wolf shifter. Before Nova and Amara they could officially be considered mates, there were a series of trials that needed to be passed. And if she were honest, the thought of failing scared her more than anything. To make matters worse, her secret admirer just began to tip the scale from flattery to all out stalker.

Even after Kal was captured, and the horrors Amara had faced in her life were over, she still wasn’t completely safe. And that’s what angered Nova the most. He just had to work that much harder at protecting her.

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“Talk about “trials and tribulations” this second book covered it all. Amara’s stalker continued on in this book and even I had a hard time convincing myself of who it was. In the midst of all this Nova and Amara had to deal with the “trials” set my the pack to determine whether they would be allowed to mate. I thought the first time around with Kal was bad, but to have him as a part of this vision quest was definitely no joy ride. And that wasn’t even the end of it. Amara is no wilting flower but a strong woman in her own right. She proves this time and time again and only endears herself that much more to Nova. Yes….he is protective, but so is she where he is concerned. Best description here is Ying/Yang with a bang.

I read this Advance Reader Copy voluntarily and glad I did so that I could find out the end to this HEA. I fully recommend this book by Hartley. There is heat but not overly so that it encumbers the story. However, it may be more than necessarily for under 18.”
 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Rickie51