Loved by the Alpha Bear

Book 3 of the Alpha Bears series is out now! Go and experience all that is Dan 😉

Dan can’t put up with this any more. Being the only single person in his pack was starting to take a toll on him. 

To make matters worse, the Northern Wind Pack has been hiding since they last fought. He knew what that meant; they were due to attack very soon. With his mind confused he knew he needed to find a mate, and quick.

After travelling for most of her life, Lucy has had it with her brother Dom’s antics. He’d already crossed the line long ago, and his demands were getting even worse. She wanted nothing to do with him. Luckily for her, seemingly at the perfect time, an attractive shifter stumbled upon her – literally. Maybe she could get used to this town…

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“Loved by the Alpha Bear, book 3, in the Alpha Bears Book series has been a quick, enjoyable read. The plot is well thought out and the characters are all well developed with each having distinguishing facets to add to the story. In this series, the stories all build on one another, but could be read as an individual book. Personally, I have really enjoyed becoming acquainted with the world of animal shifters. I didn’t think I’d really enjoy them, but much to my surprise, I do, and that enjoyment is spreading. This is easily a series I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys a good shifter romance! The sex scenes are not so very explicit that I’d worry about allowing my child to read the books, provided they were over 16. Now waiting for Book 4 to continue the series.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  KElizabethGreen

“Love this shifter story. Wonderfully written and developed storyline. Dan and Lucy are both incredible characters. I love their interactions and watching their relationship grow. It’s a fast paced quick read that shouldn’t be missed.”         ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Esther A