Freed by the Dragon

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After the his cousin’s mate had been nearly killed by the Guardians of Existence, Gareth knew he had to do everything to protect his kind, no matter the consequences. Even if that meant going against his clan leader’s wishes. All he had to do was prevent this pretty little GOE official from going through with a terrorist attack that they would pit on his dragon clan. No sweat… And to make matters worse, his dragon decided to choose this dangerous woman as his mate.

Rhiannon had been practically raised by the Guardians of Existence after her parents were killed by dragons at a young age. She hated dragons, and she would do everything she could to eradicate them from Wales. It would be better for the human race. At least, that’s what she’d been told for her entire life. Despite all of this, why couldn’t she bring herself to hate this red-headed dragon stud that was trying to prevent her from going through with her mission?

As she learns more about her dark past, and the true corruption driving the Guardians of Existence, she finds herself falling for the handsome dragon man trying to protect his clan. Will she go through with the mission, or will Gareth and his dragon be able to persuade her otherwise? 

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“This is a great sequel to Mated to the Dragon by Emilia Hartley. The author has a way of writing that starts the next book right where the other left off, with the exception being able to read the book without having it matter if you read the first one or not, and not be confused as to what it is about.

This is a quick read that is fast paced. It has some twist and turns that I was not expecting.

Sometimes it takes another person to figure out who you are and that is exactly what happens in this light hearted, suspenseful, passionate somewhat steamy, quick read. This book shows loyalty to one’s family and stopping at nothing to protect them.

This has left me wanting to see what happens next. I can see a great series being developed here. I look forward to the next story!”
 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  H. Diamond