Adored by the Alpha Bear

Adored by the Alpha Bear is the first book of my newest Series! Check it out below:

While on her way to recruit a new client for the Liberty Art gallery, Jo comes across a pair of bears, fighting. In their fight, they bump into her car leaving it badly damaged. After reaching the nearest mechanic’s shop she finds out that with the repairs needed, she won’t be able to make the meeting with her client. With nothing else to do, she is forced to treat the next few days as a brief vacation. 

When a beaten and broken car enters his mechanics shop, Nick immediately recognizes what he and his brother, Tom, had done. In their play fighting, he and Tom might have caused a bit of damage to this innocent woman’s car. Guilt immediately overwhelms him. After meeting Jo and seeing what a stressed state she’s in, his bear can’t help but feel the need to protect her. Deciding to keep his attraction to her a secret from his brother, he does his best to comfort Jo with caution. 

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Check out what Emilia’s Fans have to say!

“We have Nick and Tom who are bear shifters and while playing damage Jo’s car and she takes it to their garage to get it fixed. Jo works at a gallery and her boss has her drive her car instead of providing a plane ticket. She is on her way to try and get a new client. Nick falls for her and Tom is not happy he doesn’t believe humans and shifters belong together. This is a short book but good.” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Joanne

“This book has some amazing characters and great action. Your two main characters are Jo and Nick. Jo works for an Art Gallery and is on a road trip because her cheap boss won’t pay for her to fly to go see this new artist they want to sign. Along the way she runs into some car trouble in the way of two bears rolling into her car. After creeping it into the next town over she find a little mechanics shop run by two brothers that will do the work for her. Nick feel bad, him and his brother Tom smashed her car good now it’s there job to fix it and they have to charge her because they can’t come out and just say hi sorry were bears and we did it…. Nope Bad Idea! Letting her stay in his cabin even worse idea. A pack of crazy bears wanting him and Tom make things even more exciting. Will Tom be the one who runs Jo of trying to protect his brother from a human he things will destroy him no matter how wonderful she Is? Or will the Nothern Wind Pack kill them all be for they have a chance to rinse out if it’s true love?” – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Booksforbeynon